Monday, November 10, 2008

Alive and....

Well, but still feeling a little, stalled for lack of a better word. Spotted this earlier on Posie Gets Cozy and thought it might give me a little kick. I guess we'll see. On top of feeling a little lacking in motivation, now the computer mouse is being a total pain. It reads every click as multiples. It's making me crazier than usual.

Where is your mobile phone? Kitchen table.
Where is your significant other? Don't have one.
Your hair colour? Nutrisse #70.
Your mother? Under-appreciated.
Your father? Missed.
Your favourite thing? Conversing.
Your dream last night? Forgotten.
Your dream goal? Bake Shop owner.
The room you're in? Badly in need.
Your hobby? Just one?
Your fear? Hurt.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy.
Where were you last night? Home.
What you're not? Motivated.
One of your wish-list items? Fireplace.
Where you grew up? Loved.
The last thing you did? Cook.
What are you wearing? Sweatshirt & cords.
Your TV? Overused.
Your pets? Demanding.
Your computer? Awesome, with a pain of a mouse.
Your mood? Testy.
Missing someone? Always.
Your car? Non-existent.
Something you're not wearing? Uhh...
Favourite shop? Pier1.
Your summer? Too short.
Love someone? Frighteningly
Your favourite colour? Crimson
When is the last time you laughed? Last night.
When is the last time you cried? Yesterday.

Give it a try, pass it along, have fun.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Late Supper Suppa

Not sure where I have been as of late, my motivation tank seems to be running on empty.

I'm a little woefully behind with this, but better late than never.

Suppa Club Part 2

The recipe selected for the second Suppa Club meal was a Bavarian Sausage Hot Pot It seems to have been a big hit. I personally didn't make any changes, just the addition of a few whole garlic cloves and we all loved it so much that I have actually made it twice. It has my two favourite qualities in a recipe, ridiculously easy and megga delicious. I know it will become a well loved and much used member of my recipe collection.

Sorry about the pic, yummy as this meal was, I found it difficult to get a pic that actually did it justice.

Please check out how the other members of the Suppa Club felt about it. Siri, Ingrid, Kirsten, Nicole and Molly.

The next recipe on the list is Pork Roast with Three Mushroom Ragout. It looks to have the potential to be seriously yummy. I just hope that I don't take forever to make it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Alive and Well...

I can't believe how quickly September is flying by. Anyhoo, enough with my life on fast forward. I do plan on being more diligent in my postings in the future. I had thought about again participating in NaBloPoMo, but I was really keen on the theme for October. Although I really do like October in general. The trees get all gussied up in their fall colours, there is Thanksgiving for us Canadians, and of course, there is Hallowe'en my favourite of holidays. I will admit though, it doesn't seem to be quite as much fun now that the kidlets are getting older.

On to what is new and exciting. I have joined an online Supper Club, and if all of the recipes turn out as fab as the first, this is a club that is going to a joy to participate in. The particular Supper Club is the brain child of Molly over at Batter Splattered. How it works, someone chooses a recipe and we all, within the same week, make up the recipe. Adaptations are allowed and then by Monday(at least I think that's it) we post with our results, thoughts and hopefully yummy looking pics to drool over. Considering that I am still pretty new to the whole food photography thing, my may not always be drool-worthy, but practice and all that.

This week's recipe was Cheese and Potato Soup, from Epicurious. I made mine up Thursday, but am just posting now as I spent most of the weekend helping a friend prepare to move. Back to the soup. It was delicious with a capital 'D'. Everyone absolutely loved it.

As usual, I did make a couple several of changes. I nixed the celery, as I am not a fan of celery strings, and instead added about a half a teaspoon of celery seed with the other seasonings. I used a bouillon cube, I know, I know, but I didn't have any chicken broth kicking around. I bumped up the cheese factor by using a combination old cheddar, mozzarella and smoked cheddar. I also added more ham, about a half a cup of niblet corn, a few dashes of Cayenne instead of the Tabasco and a sprig of fresh Rosemary for luck. The corn was a last minute thing that I decided on to replace the celery. Oh, I almost forgot, I saut├Ęd the ham with the onions, carrots, garlic(2 cloves, diced,which I apparently also forgot to mention) and seasonings. I wanted to give the ham a little additional flavour.

Overall thoughts, the soup was amazing, and I would even like to try it with more broth and no dairy. For those wondering why, here's a shot of the soup pre-dairy. It even tasted great at this stage.

If you're interested in a few more takes on the soup, have a peek at the other Supper Club member's blogs. Siri, Ingrid, Kirstin, Nicole, Amanda and of course, Molly.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trapped in Allergy Hell

First off, where the heck have the last two weeks gone? One minute the kids are gearing up for back to school, then all of a sudden POOF! We're heading into the second week of school. It's crazy I tell ya, crazy.

I had plans for today, there was to be the baking of bread of some sort, knitting and maybe some movie watching. Instead there is tissue, sneezing and snuffles. Apparently my seasonal allergies have arrived. Yay! So there will most likely be no bread baking, probably no knitting and maybe even no movie watching. The whole snuffle-nosed-head-in -a-fish-bowl thing is not exactly conducive to the enjoyment of anything.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to School Madness

The last couple of weeks have been busy with all the usual back to school preparations for the kidlets. It always seems like you have tonnes of time and then all of a sudden, back to school is ten days away.

Things have been so busy, I actually forgot my own one year blog anniversary. Happy Anniversary Moonlit Knit!

This year, when shopping for school supplies, Tall Child was unable to find binders that suited her tastes, so after I suggested to her that we sew her some binder covers, a trip to the fabric store was in order. Here are her choices. The one on the top is a purple satin argyle sprinkled with stars. The two on the bottom are fuzzy flannels, perfect as pillows for those boring lectures.

Of course she wasn't the only one who did a little shopping. There were a few fabrics calling to me, okay, more than a few but I restrained myself. My fabrics are destined to be aprons.

The orange and black one on the end is actually a ghost camouflage, how fun is that.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Delicious Thievery

Ever since Foodie Girl posted her stuffed mushroom recipe I have been dying to try them. Bought the mushrooms and the cream cheese, since I already had the other ingredients I figured it was a go. Not so, I am such a procrastinator I hadn't gotten around to them yet and was afraid that they would soon fall the way of the Monkey Bread that never seems to get made.

Tonight, I decided to steal her recipe and as I always do, I doctored those babies up a little. Being that I am not one of those people with super-human self control, who choose not to eat bacon, I added some crisp, crumbled, food of the gods bacon to the stuffing mixture. Then, since there was already a part of one in the fridge, I added some finely chopped, red pepper. Since I had no onion powder, I switched in some finely chopped, green onions. Finally, because I had a recently discovered recipe contest on my mind I topped the little, filled mushroom caps with some grated, double smoked, cheddar. They were incredible, they taste even better than they look.

Kelly's Magical Stuffed Mushrooms, the Moonlit Knit Way

20 whole fresh button mushrooms(I bought 24, but 4 vanished)
1-2 tablespoons finely diced sweet red pepper
3 slices bacon, fried, cooled & crumbled
1 teaspoon bacon drippings
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 tablespoon minced garlic
6 oz cream cheese, softened(I could have probably gotten away with 4)
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese(I used 1/2 Parmesan, 1/2 Romano)
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 green onions, finely chopped
1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
1/4 cup grated smoked cheddar

Clean mushrooms with a damp paper towel. Carefully break off stems. Chop stems extremely fine, discarding tough end of stems.

Heat oil & bacon drippings in a skillet over medium heat. Add garlic, chopped mushroom stems and sweet red pepper to the skillet and fry until moisture has disappeared. Set aside to cool.

Stir in cream cheese, Parmesan(and Romano) cheese, green onions and spices with fried mushroom, pepper and bacon mixture. Combine well. Fill mushroom caps generously, using small spoon or butter knife. Arrange the mushroom caps on cookie sheet and top with grated cheddar.

Bake for 12-18 minutes or until the mushrooms are piping hot and liquid starts to form under caps.

If you're like me and forget to add the cayenne, you can sprinkle it on the mushrooms just before slipping them into the oven, or while they're in the oven, if you're a lot like me.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Growing Up is Hard...

On a parent. Tall Child turned the big One-Six today. I can say, it certainly doesn't seem like it's been sixteen years. Happy Birthday honey! I'm so proud of the woman you are growing up to be.

She had a B-day bash with her friends on the weekend, so this evening was just a quiet dinner for her, Megz and myself. T.C chose the menu, it consisted of lemon oregano chicken breasts, steamed baby carrots and rice.

T.C's B-Day Dinner

For dessert, there were peanut butter swirl brownies. As we didn't have enough baker's chocolate squares, I used the Fry's cocoa recipe and topped them with the p.b. & chocolate mixture. I did cheat and melt the butter in the microwave as opposed to on the stove top.

Brownie Batter

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday I was feeling under the weather, so our evening meal consisted of hot dogs. Today was the staff appreciation bbq at work, so since we were allowed to bring kids. The kidlets met up with me, and we had our evening meal there. So... there hasn't been a whole lot of cooking going on.

There has however been some ....are you ready for this? Knitting Progress! I have completed the body for the wee baby hoodie I started a while back, and am now progressing on the first sleeve. The baby it is intended for did wind up making an early entrance into the world, but she is a teeny, tiny thing, and her Auntie(the person who requested the knitting of the sweater and bonnet) says the babe is little enough that size won't be an issue.

As for upcoming cooking, I am not going to say that I plan on making Monkey Bread this weekend, 'cause every time I say that, I don't make it.

Today marks the end of the July food themed NaBloPoMo. I didn't technically sign up to participate, but did a good job of posting almost everyday. I think I only missed one day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Insert Witty Caption Here

At the request of Tall Child, I am introducing a new weekly featurette. Random Wildlife Photography, aka:cat pics. The term "Wildlife Photography" and the idea of cute cat pics is being borrowed from one of my favourite blogs, Crazy Aunt Pearl.

The first installment of this new featurette is a photo of Marzipan, taken on Tall Child's bed. Doesn't she look impressed? Marzipan that is, not Tall Child. Tall Child has built in sensors that alert her when someone is trying to take her picture and allow her to evade photos. She has inherited these sensors from her Mother.

Wildlife Photo of the Week

This is where to insert witty caption.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Flora Photo of the Week

Pretty, purple, petunias in a pot outside of our back door.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sorta True... I Guess

You Are Mayonnaise

You tend to be a very quiet, introverted person. You're happy to sit back and let stronger personalities shine. You value loyalty and harmony. You try to bring people together.

Your taste in food leans toward simple comfort foods. You love holiday meals as well as old school favorites like mac and cheese. You get along with mustard and ketchup personalities. You have an unlikely alliance with hot sauce personalities.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Delicious Cinnamony Goodness

Today's project was going to be Monkey Bread, but as I couldn't really find a recipe that suited me, I instead made Cinnamon Rolls.

In the past, I have tried two different cinnamon roll recipes. Both were good but neither was fabulous, so I decided to try another and see if it was more of what I was looking for. I Think I may have found the one. As usual, I did tweak the recipe just a little. They were oh so soft and yummy. I will be using this recipe more often and I look forward to playing around with different fillings. The tweaks I made are in green.


4-1/4 cups all-purpose flour(I only used 3 3/4 cups)
1/2 cup sugar
1 envelope FLEISCHMANN'S RapidRise Yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 TBSP cream
2 large eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine

Cinnamon Filling (recipe follows)

In a large bowl, combine 1-1/3 cups flour, sugar, undissolved yeast, and salt. Heat water, cream and butter until very warm (120o to 130oF). Gradually add to flour mixture. Beat 2 minutes at medium speed of electric mixer, scraping bowl occasionally. Add eggs and 1 cup flour; beat 2 minutes at high speed. Stir in remaining flour to make a stiff batter. Cover tightly with plastic wrap; refrigerate 2 to 24 hours. I didn't refrigerate, I just let the dough rise in a warm spot til doubled then rolled it out.

Remove dough from refrigerator; roll to 20 x 10-inch rectangle. Brush with melted butter; sprinkle with Cinnamon Filling. Beginning from long side, roll up tightly as for jelly roll. Pinch seam and ends to seal; cut into 18 pieces. Arrange rolls, cut sides up, on greased large baking sheet to form a heart.* Cover; let rise in warm, draft-free place until doubled in size, about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Bake at 375o F for 18 to 20 minutes. Remove from sheet; cool on wire rack.

Cinnamon Filling: In a small bowl, combine 1/2 cup sugar(1/3 cup white sugar, 2 TBSP brown sugar) and 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon. Stir to blend.

The recipe also calls for an icing sugar glaze, I instead made a cream cheese frosting.

Adapted from

This photo was taken before the second rising and subsequent baking. By the time they were baked all the good light was pretty much gone. Even unbaked, you can see all the sugary, cinnamon, buttery yumminess.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pseudo Elegante Gourmet

Can Pillsbury Crescents ever be elegant, or gourmet? Probably not, but for me most of elegant is in the presentation, and I'm not really a gourmet kinda girl anyway.

These babies were quick, easy and very tasty. I whipped them up this morning as a gift for Patrick, one of my fave supervisors at work who has decided that it is time for him to move on. I will miss him and decided that even though my shift for today had been cancelled, I would take these in when I said my goodbyes. Patrick always appreciated the goodies I brought to work.

I did change up the recipe a little, since I didn't have the exact combo of ingredients. I swapped the pepperoni for salami, and switched up sharp cheddar for the mozzarella. I also omitted both the egg yolk in the cheese mixture and the egg white brush on top. I did sprinkle them with grated Parmesan before popping them into then oven. I'm sure these would work with endless combinations of ingredients.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


These are some pretty, little, white sweet peas that have sprung up out front with the pink lovelies. This is the first year that there have been white ones. I love them and am hoping the make repeat appearances.

Flora Photo of the Week

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet Deviation

Today my allergies are still messing me up so there was frozen sausage & cheese pizza and Rice Krispie Square experimentation.

We added cinnamon to the melted butter before adding in the marshmallows, and switched up maple extract for the vanilla. They were quite tasty, though I think I would add more maple next time. Of course there will be a next time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hippy Shake

My seasonal allergies are freaking out, so I'm falling back on my usual cop out, a quiz.

You Are a Chocolate Shake

You are a total hedonist. You are drawn to pleasure. You are an expressive, over the top person. You're naturally dramatic.

You're the type of person who always chooses quality over quantity. Life's too short to not have optimal experiences. You're proud of being picky.

Monday, July 21, 2008

No Monkey, Just Cats

So, as it turned out, I wasn't energetic enough to head out for groceries yesterday, there-by the making of Monkey Bread has been delayed yet again. It will happen, though maybe not this week (especially since I forgot to buy yeast). Perhaps it will be my weekend goal if nothing else comes up.

This evening the kidlets and I made Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies and twice baked potatoes for dinner. As before, I bumped up the recipes a little. This time the Jalapenos were purchased from Sunripe and, with the addition of the Jalapeno Monteray Jack, were quite a bit spicier. Lip burnin', tongue tinglin' spicier. Tall child will be eating most of them as Megz and I are a little tongue tender when it comes to extreme spice. Even T.C said she could only eat a few at a time.

Tonight a new stray turned up in our yard. She's a pretty, sleek, black sweetheart that Megz has temporarily named Scarlet. This makes two strays that frequent our yard. Well, I don't really know that they are strays, but they show up to be fed. The other is a cute little striped tabby T.C has give the name Demi, because she's not really ours and this makes her half a cat to care for. Apparently my crazy old cat lady gene is sending off signals. Heck, I at least thought it would wait until I was 40.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Humid, Hot & Lazy

Yesterday was too warm to think of breathing, let alone baking. It did rain and then cooled down a little, but by that time the last thing I wanted to do was go heating up the kitchen. Grocery shopping was also a bust. First it was too hot to walk there, then it was too rainy, and after that I was just too lazy. Besides I really hate being in the grocery store on a weekend, it is just way too crowded.

Here's hoping that today will be a little cooler and I will be brave enough to venture out and face the grocery store crowds. I will have to soon, otherwise the cats may run out of food. I'm always afraid what the pair of them might do if they don't get fed. As it is when feeding time rolls around, they circle like sharks the whole time it's being dished out.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

In Case of Inclement Weather

Depending on the heat of today, there may be baking. As previously mentioned, I want to make some Monkey Bread and perhaps some Buttermilk Cookies.

I made a batch of the cookies earlier this week and they were amazing. Like little morsels of cakey goodness. The recipe calls for lemon zest, which gave them a nice subtle lemon flavour, and I am thinking they would also be really tasty with orange zest.

But first there must be grocery shopping and that too will depend on the heat. If it's like yesterday I will probably be spending the day in front of the fan. We don't have air conditioning, and if I bake when it is this warm, I might melt the cats.

If baking does indeed happen, I hope to have some photographic evidence to share.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Holy Heatwave

It is so hot here today, cooking is completely out of the question. Dinner consisted of take out pizza, topped with pepperoni, sausage, bacon and mushrooms, and lots and lots of ice water. It's even too hot to take pictures.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Featurette Time

I have decided that the "Flora Photo of the Week" featurette will not be appearing on any particular given day of the week, but will instead float about. After all, it is a pretty seasonal subject and will most likely be replaced in the not so flora friendly months.

Flora Photo of the Week

Here is a lovely Day Lily, sporting a few raindrops, with the pink sweet peas looking coy in the background. Or maybe they're plotting a take over, who knows.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh The Possibilities...

Seriously, how much fun does this look like? My mind started racing with possibilities before the infomercial had even finished. Then I of course immediately looked it up online. I really need to get me one of these. There is a store at the mall that sells all the "T.V stuff". I must remember to have a look next time I'm there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Simple, So Cheesy

I was feeling just little lazy this evening, and since the kiddles are with Grandma for the week I can pretty much eat what I want. Before you go there, no I did not have a bag of Doritos for dinner. I had this...

Yes, that is a hot dog (Kelly, just pretend it's a veggie dog), and along side are potatoes, zucchini and red peppers fried to a golden crisp and topped with grated cheddar.


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Forgotten

I can't believe I haven't made this yet. I found the recipe a while back and was waiting on a bundt pan. I finally remembered today that I wanted to give it a try. Well, as luck would have it, now I have two bundt pans ... and not enough yeast. I will be making it this weekend. I must, it has to be done.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Another quiz is semi-food related.

You Are a Spork

You have a playful, eccentric sense of humor. You are creative. You see the world in bold colors.

You are a dabbler. You love to experiment. You aren't an expert in anything, but you know a little about everything.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still Lovin' It.

Last evening I once again used the Berry Bundt Cake recipe. This is the third time I've used it, and I am loving it more and more. The first time I made it with strawberries as the recipe calls for. The second time the batter was poured into the mini muffin pan with blue berries as the fruit. This time I used blueberries, and my trusty bundt pan. Each time, I have had tremendous success with it. This time I did have to make a couple of modifications due to me not being aware we were out of a couple of items, namely milk and vanilla. I will list the recipe, with my changes in blue, below the photo.

3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, at room temperature
2 cups granulated sugar
3 large eggs
3 cups plus 1 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup milk/buttermilk
3/4 teaspoon vanilla/spiced rum
1 1/2 cups sliced fresh strawberries/1 1/4 pints fresh blueberries

Preheat the oven to 350F. Grease and lightly flour a 12-cup bundt pan.

In a large bowl, cream the butter and granulated sugar together with an electric mixer. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each. Add the vanilla extract(or spiced rum).

In another bowl, sift together the 3 cups of the flour, the baking powder, and salt. Gradually add this to the butter mixture, alternating with the milk/buttermilk. Toss the berries with the remaining 1 tablespoon flour, and fold them into the batter.

Pour batter into the prepared bundt pan. Bake in the center of the oven until a wooden pick inserted in the center of the cake comes out just clean, 1 1/4 hours. I found it baked up a little more quickly, 55 minutes.

Let the cake cool in the pan over a cooling rack for about 10 minutes. Invert the cake into the cooling rack and let it completely.


No matter what berries you use or if you make some of the changes I did, this cake is awesome. It is wonderful served with a little whipped cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream or just a sprinkle of icing sugar and a few fresh berries.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lovely, Luscious &

Oh so juicy! Nothing quite says summer like a fresh, sweet slice of delicious watermelon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Protege at Work

This evening, Tall Child made us a wonderfully tasty dinner. Chicken wings with rice and steamed broccoli. I oversaw and gave a couple of bits of advice, but otherwise she was at the helm. Okay, so rice and broccoli are no biggie, after all we do have a rice cooker. The wings however were downright dee-lish. Maybe she will be cooking the meals more often. Here are photographic evidence of the delectableness of the wings and her recipe.

Tall Child's Saucy Wings

2 lb Chicken wings (we cooked 26)
2/3 cup Tomato Ketchup
juice of 2 limes
4 tbsp Brown sugar
1 tsp Ground allspice
1/4 - 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 - 3 cloves garlic, minced
2- 3 tsp molasses
splash of soy sauce
2 dashes of Worcestershire
pinch celery salt
smoked paprika

Bake naked wings on cookie sheet @ 400 degrees for 25 minutes.
Baste with sauce, bake five minutes. Turn wings and baste again, bake five more minutes. Baste again.

Broil 2-4 minutes, turn, baste, broil 2-4 more minutes.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Feature

In celebration of the warm, sunny summer I have decided on a new blog feature... well, maybe it's more of a featurette.

Flora Photo of the Week

Tall Child calls these "Albino Impatiens", cause they are white with pink eyes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Appetizer & Dessert

Last evening, Tall Child and I tried out a recipe new to us, and a slight variation of one that I have tried in the past.

The new recipe was Pioneer Woman's Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies. They were awesome, and really, really easy. We will definitely be making them again. We added a little grated cheddar before wrapping them up in the bacon. Next time I think we might try adding some herbs to the cream cheese. Or topping them with various grated cheeses.

The recipe variation was of Berry Bundt Cake. I made it a while back and have been dying to try it again with different berries. This time we used blueberries, and instead of making in it a bundt pan, we used the mini muffin pan. They were incredible. Tasty, sweet, little morsels of cake, stuffed with yummy blueberries. I know this recipe will be getting a lot of use in the future and will be the subject of experimentation and of course, taste testing.

No photos this time, everything went way to fast, and I missed the opportunity.

Monday, July 7, 2008


My kitty Mocha is again, still, feeling under the weather, so another quiz.

You Are a Turkey Sandwich

Conservative and a bit shy, you tend to stick with what you know and trust. You are very introverted, and you prefer to blend in whenever possible. Though you may be hard to know well, anyone who does know you considers you a true friend.

Your best friend: The Ham Sandwich
Your mortal enemy: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sweet & Easy

Today was a major league, lazy day, Sunday. It was also a low maintenance food day consisting of a grilled cheese, and Rice Krispie Squares.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Have I Mentioned I Love Quizzes?

After my ginormous yammering yesterday I decided I should probably keep today sweet, simple and semi-food related.

You Are Strawberries with Cream

Fresh and uncomplicated, you are always enjoyed but often overlooked. You're confident in who you are. You don't need a facade to feel better about yourself.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunny Food Adventure

Today we made our yearly trip to Sunfest. We look forward to it every year, it is probably our favourite of the downtown summer festivals. The music is irresistible and there are always interesting and incredible vendors, as well as some really fabulous food. There are foods that we literally wait all year to have, and Sunfest is that time.

Upon arriving we usually hear the chatter of the crowds, and splashes of music from the various booths. Depending on our time constraints we will usually meander through the vendors looking at all the wonderful clothing, jewelry and trinkets. However soon after arriving, the scents of the exotic foods will beckon us to the food row. There is of course your usual festival food of fries, burgers, funnel cakes and such. But then there is the food we have come for, the spicy, the unusual, the "my taste buds are in heaven" kind of stuff we can never seem to find anywhere but Sunfest.

This year the food experience began with something I happened upon last year. Bulani, an Afghan thin sort of turnover, filled with potatoes, onions and served with the most incredible coriander sauce, that is truly a combination of spicy herby goodness. The sauce is my favourite part. We moved on in search of our favourites and new tastes to add to our list of loves.

Next was a stop at the Persian Chicken booth. It was recommended a few years back by a friend of Tall Child's and is it ever good. Chunks of chicken cooked on kabobs over an open grill till toasty, tasty and juicy. It's served in a wrap, and in case anyone doubts how good this chicken really is ... Sunfest runs from Thursday to Sunday, and every year, the Persian chicken booth is sold out before Sunday afternoon.

Third on our quest for food adventure. The Latin Delights booth. We make at least two stops at this booth every year. Our first bit if Latin deliciousness, Pupusas. They are awesome, tasty, pancakesque treats filled with cheese and pork, fried and served with a great coleslaw like side. We move along, knowing that we will be back. The Latin Delights booth is always our last stop of the day when eating at Sunfest.

Something new next, Popsicles. Not your ordinary Popsicles though. Tall Child had a Lulo Popsicle, Megz had a Guava one and I had a Dulce de Leche one. We each tried them all, and I can't speak for the girls, they were all very tasty and refreshing. I liked the Dulce de Leche the best. It was a combination of sweet, smooth, cool, milky yumminess that sort of reminded me of maple fudge.

Barely finished our Popsicles, we stopped for chicken samosas. We made a quick double back for one last Bulani and a slice of Baklava to share and then began our return to Latin Delights for our end of the day treat.

Deep fried ice cream. This has been our regular "leaving Sunfest" food for the past several years. The girls and I literally look forward to it all year. A scoop of cold ice cream surrounded in a protective and yummy coating of corn flake crumbs. Deep fried till just crunchy, and served in a bowl made of a fried tortilla. They then drizzle the whole thing with chocolate sauce and honey, topping it off with a huge slice of succulent strawberry.

This year was actually just a quick visit. We usually make a day of it, however we were there less than 3 hrs.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Being preoccupied with a sick kitty and painting the girls' room yesterday I totally didn't notice that it was my hundredth post. I had planned on writing something hundredy and stuff, then completely missed it.

So here I am, my hundredth and one post. The girls' room is pretty much painted, maybe a few touch ups, and is on it's way to being re-assembled with the new loft beds. It's mauve by the way. The cat is still sick, but at least he is eating some ... when he's not sleeping in my closet that is.

My food relatedness ... five things I plan on making this month. This time of year, I always seem to want to make jams, jellies and such. I quite like making jams, jellies, and salsas, and one day hope to try my hand at sweet pickles.

1. Strawberry Jam I use the same Certo recipe that my Grandmother used when I was a little girl.
2. Red Pepper Jelly
3. Chamomile Pear Jelly. I made some of this a couple of years ago and it was wonderful, and so easy.
4. Sangria Wine Jelly
5. Roasted Garlic & White Wine Jelly

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sick Kitty

Today's entry will be a little shorter than usual. My old boy Mocha is feeling under the weather. He's not eating or drinking and had a quick visit to the vet today. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him, but it is not looking good. We may very well wind up back at the vet tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And We're Off ... Again

July NaBloPoMo has begun, let's see if I can pull this one off. With the theme for July being food, I should certainly have a lot of inspiration.

When I'm not working, knitting, cooking or online browsing blogs I am often to be found watching the Food Network. My faves, Barefoot Contessa (I wanna be her when I grow up), Paula Deen, Tyler's Ultimate, and all things Nigella. I also really wanna catch the new show, Sweet Baby James, though I keep managing to miss it. I also really like Jamie Oliver, but I often find his stuff just isn't me.

My point ...I had a point. Oh yeah, here it is.

A few recipes from Food Network that I really, really wanna try.

1. Barefoot Contessa's Parmesan Chicken
2. Nigella's Chicken Mushroom & Bacon Pie
3. Paula Deen's Mystery Pecan Pie
4. Bobby Flay's Grilled Chicken Wings
5. Giada's Hazelnut and Chocolate Pie
6. Paula Deen's Lady and Sons Chicken Pot Pie

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Bit of Magical Fun

Tried out this quiz today. Funny, when I was a young girl I always wanted to be a mermaid. Did the feet together swimming thing every chance I got.


"Mermaid types are warm and caring in a passive, receptive way. They are given to daydreaming and to contemplation, a combination that can make them seem curiously absent and fey. They are among the most unworldly of all the types. Despite this they have a strong ability for clear, rational thinking that can be startling. They seem to have a deep, intuitive understanding of the oneness of the universe. They have a desire to help the world at large and are acutely aware of and sensitive to suffering. This is partly because they do not recognize the customary boundaries between people, other living things, time, space, this world and the Otherworld. They are frequently psychic. They can be brilliantly original and highly creative. They are usually regarded by others as benign eccentrics or as plain weird."

What is Your Magical Personality?

Quiz swiped from Llewellyn.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Beyond My Control

I knew that this NaBloPoMo was going way too easily for me. Posting consistently and only one or two last minute posts. Than came the thunderstorm. Being a lover of a good thunderstorm, I didn't mind at at when one blew up last evening. I was even okay when the power went out for a few hours...I had a nap. I was however not okay, when the power came back on and the keyboard and mouse for the Mac weren't responding.

It's one of those deals where the keyboard is connected to the Mac and the mouse is connected to the keyboard. After a somewhat frantic call to the Mac Outpost this morning, I resigned myself to the fact that the keyboard was done.

A happy ending for all, after a trip to Mac Outpost by Tall child and an $80 price tag, we have a shinny new keyboard and mouse. Our poor dinosaur of a Mac must feel a little outdated, but it seems to be adapting. Have I mentioned how much I love our Mac? I love it, love it love it.

The only downside to this tale ...I have failed at the June NaBloPoMo. well, there is always July, and the theme is Food! Yay!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm a little behind with this news, but I did just find out from my Foodie Girl yesterday. It almost feels like a belated b-day gift. Tastespotting is not gone! Yay!!! It is apparently just hibernating, or regenerating. Either way I'm happy, and can hardly wait until it is up and running again.

In other news, the school year is officially finished. I am very pleased with both of my girls, and will love having them around more. However, by mid-July I will probably be questioning the sanity of that statement, and battling with them for the computer for the purposes of Tastespotting and Food Gawking. Not to mention Ravelry and Facebooking with Foodie Girl, who I already miss and she hasn't even officially moved away yet.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pansies & Pretzels

First, a photo of a lovely little pansy, taken yesterday.

Tonight after dinner, Tall Child and I made soft pretzels. We used the recipe for the Bretzel Rolls. They probably wouldn't win any food beauty contests, but they are dang tasty. With practice, I'm sure we will get better with the pretzel shaping skills.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rest, Relaxation & Rolls

Today being my day off, I took advantage of what will probably be the last Monday I will have to myself until the next school year begins. I lounged in my comfy clothes, planted a couple of plants I had picked up on Saturday, tried out a recipe for Dinner Rolls that I found through Food Gawker, and baked and iced a batch of Pink Lemonade Minis for an event at Megz school.

All in all, today was quiet and relaxing. The cupcakes turned out adorable. The dinner rolls were tasty, but I am still on the look out for a recipe more to my liking. No photos, I forgot to take them earlier, and now the light just won't very flattering ... nothing like orange tinted dinner rolls. I did take a few photos of a few plants, but they have yet to be uploaded. My time online this evening has been limited by the fact that I share it with two teen girls, one of them who happens to be an Anime loving Tall Child.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Improvement?

I tend to consider this blog an "online home" of sorts, and therefore I want it to feel comfy, cozy and look nice. When I decided to finally start it I based the colours around the title. To me, Moonlit is night, black, blues and maybe purples. I have plans of creating a custom header, but have yet to get to it. I often wonder if the layout is the best it can be, and am continually looking for ways to tweak or improve the appearance.

Where am I going with this? Not anywhere specific. Though I did spot a quiz on blogthings today and had intentions of just copping out and posting the quiz as today's entry. Instead, it made me think, and so here I am again, dissecting the blog, its layout, the colours, etc.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the quiz that inspired this babble.

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere. You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant. From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

In Celebration of Summer

I bring to you ... Sweet Peas in the Rain

In keeping with the NaBloPoMo them for June, these lovely sweet peas grow wild in the front of my home, and come back year after year for our enjoyment. When the girls were younger we would use the sweet peas in flower crowns for Summer Solstice.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sadness to Madness

I started the day a little sad, knowing that even though I would have a fun lunch with friends, it would be because one of them is moving away. My day then progressed and was looking pretty good. Errands were done, dinner was made, things were moving smoothly. That was until I received the news that my Epicure order was never placed, due to the consultant losing my order form. I know this seems small and petty, and I am probably overreacting, but I have really been looking forward to receiving the spice blends I thought I had ordered. Now my evening has digressed into madness as I search, for my copy of the stupid order form. Whatever, maybe this is a sign and I should just cancel the stupid order. Spice blends, schmice blends, who needs'em.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Under the Wire

I have been busy today with a few preparations for my fave Foodie Girl's going away lunch. Shhhh, it's supposed to be a surprise. Tomorrow is her last day at work.

It was seven weeks ago that she announced she was deserting us moving away, on to brighter and better things. I am truly happy for her and wish her only the best in her new penthouse apartment with her guy. He's a lucky one. However, I will miss her terribly. Yes, I will still have her blog to keep up on her cooking and crafty ways, but who will I talk about all the crazy food stuff with...? She is the only person I know who doesn't get that "Wow this chick is nuts" look when I talk about foodie things, or crafty things.

Anyhoo, yesterday she gave me a really fab gift. I love it. It's a classic, and will have a place of honour in my kitchen always.

How cool is that?! A leopard print cookie jar!

Huggles Kelly, I will miss you oodles.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Backyard Beauties

Today a glimpse of some of the flora growing around my home. I still have only a fraction of my usual outdoor containers planted, but there are a few pretties to beautify until I get around to filling the other pots.



Mystery Bush

The mystery bush is not only a mystery but also a very pleasant surprise. About 13 years ago there was one on the side of the yard which I dearly loved. Sadly, due to brutal pruning on the part of my then husband it died. So imagine my surprise this year, when wandering the yard, to find a gorgeous bush just like the one that had died, but on the opposite side of the yard. I was so excited I actually rushed to get my camera, and happily snapped away photos.

I have a surprise gift that I also intended to share, however, I was unable to get a photo able to represent how awesomely cool it is. Something for tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life as a House?

What the House Test Says About You

You consider yourself important, but no more important than anyone else. You love attention, but you don't feel like you deserve more of it than anyone else.

You can't stand community oriented people and annoying "buy local" campaigns. You prefer to live the best life possible, and that doesn't really involve many other people.

You are creative, expressive, and bright. You are always in the middle of some amazing project.

You look attractive, but mostly because your rely on your natural good looks to get by.

You are moved by what's exotic and unique. You often have the mentality of a traveler, even when you're not traveling.

Okay, so it's a quiz, but at least it relates to the June NaBloPoMo theme of "Home".

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweet Addiction

As I may have mentioned here, I am a complete Tastespotting addict. Or at least I was until it closed down, and on my b-day no less. Since then I have been in major denial about the whole thing. However I have, with a little success, managed to satisfy my food porn needs through copious visits to Flickr, Bakespace and personal blogs, Pioneer Woman Cooks, Tartelette, and CakeSpy, to name a few.

Today I received a wonderful message from Foodie Girl, that seemed heaven sent, and was just what I needed. A Tastespotting substitute. Apparently I wasn't the only one suffering from the loss. Check it out, and often, it seems to be updating at a blissfully dizzying rate. How can you not love great food! My newest love and soon to be addiction Food Gawker.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I almost forgot, but never fail, here I am.

Father's Day and I feel like I have no one to wish a happy day to. My step dad passed away suddenly a few years back. I miss him more than words can possibly express. I take comfort in the wonderful times that we did share. He gave me away at my wedding and was there for me when the marriage disintegrated. He was the best Grandfather my girls could ever have asked for, and he was a wonderful husband to my Mother. I believe that the dead can hear it when we think of them. Poor man, he must never get any peace.

Leonard, where ever you are, I love you. Happy Father's Day to the best Dad a girl could have.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Many Loves

Yesterday, my b-day, I celebrated with an Iced Chai Latte from Starbucks and shopping. I love Iced Chai Lattes and I luuuuuvvve shopping!

I hit one of my fave places, Winners. I bought a really cute, kinda funky, glass rooster that I had spotted there last week. It reminds me of a weird sort of glass bird, I think it was supposed to be a turkey, that my Mom had on the coffee table when I was a little girl. I also picked up b.b.q sauce and some Lemon Thyme Sea Salt. Before heading home I grabbed some stuff at Wal-mart, including a cute silicone ice cube tray, the ice cubes are little flowers. I neglected to take a picture of it. I picked up a cute pair of flip-flops. I also love flip-flops.

All in all, it was a satisfying b-day experience. I think in recognition of surviving one more b-day, I will indulge, and relax all weekend. Well, there may be some knitting, baking or cooking involved, but nothing too strenuous.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Friday the 13th

And, Happy B-day to meeeeee!

That's right today is my b-day, and I was actually born on a Friday. I have always loved being a "Friday the 13th" baby. I have never thought of it as a bad luck day. Of course, I also have a love for black cats, gargoyles, Tarot, crystals, the moon and thunderstorms. Maybe they're connected, maybe they're not.

I plan on today being fairly quiet. I have booked the day off from work and plan on doing as little as I can get away with. Maybe I will just do me things, maybe plant a few flowers, maybe do some baking, or some knitting. Who knows maybe I will just immerse myself in the complete luxury of doing nothing and ... do nothing. I don't usually make a big deal of my b-day.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th, I know I will.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

With Musical Accompaniment by...

Swiped from my Foodie Girl.

1. How do you like your eggs? Baked in cupcakes, or chocolate and covered in foil. I don't eat eggs as eggs.

2. How do you take your coffee/tea? I drink coffee maybe twice a year, and then it is light, sweet and preferably iced. Tea, I like herbal. Or iced, or regular tea, hot with milk and honey.

3. Favourite breakfast food: Don't usually eat breakfast, but it would probably be pancakes, with maple syrup and bacon on the side.

4. Peanut butter: Smooth or crunchy? I enjoy both, especially in cookies.

5. What kind of dressing on your salad? Raspberry vinaigrette, or Italian.

6. Coke or Pepsi? Neither, ginger-ale with lots of ice.

7. You’re feeling lazy, what do you make? I make Tall Child make dinner.

8. You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? Pepperoni, mushroom and bacon.

9. You feel like cooking. Cupcakes, bread, mac & cheese, cookies or soup.

10. Do any foods bring back good memories? Homemade eggnog, strawberry ice cream, corn on the cob.

11. Do any foods bring back bad memories? None

12. Do any foods remind you of someone? Rice pudding reminds me of my Grandma. So do peas because she taught me to eat them with butter and vinegar. Also fried smelts, she introduced me to them and it is one of the first things I remember her teaching me to cook.

13. Is there a food you refuse to eat? Liver, head cheese, blood pudding and kidneys.

14. What was your favourite food as a child? Fried smelts and corn on the cob... not together though.

15. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like? Nope.

16. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate? Nope.

17. Favourite fruit and vegetable: Fruit - black cherries. Vegetable - broccoli.

18. Favourite junk food: Smart Food popcorn

19. Favorite between meal snack: Leftovers.

20. Do you have any weird food habits? None I'm aware of.

21. You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on? Yogurt, popcorn, watermelon and cantaloupe.

22. You’re off your diet. Now what would you like? Potato chips.

23. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai? Not too spicy.

24. Can I get you a drink? Black Sambuca.

25. Red or White Wine? Red.

26. Favourite dessert? Cheesecake, and coconut cream pie.

27. The perfect nightcap? Sex.

This post was typed in it's entirety while Tall Child practiced for her flute test. It's titled "The Spinning Wheel".

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy B-Day to My Baby Girl

My little Megz officially becomes a teen today. I will be strong. Never mind that my last born, my youngest, my wee Meggadoodle is growing up and now one year away from high school. Did I mention she is also taller than me? Anyone who knows me personally knows that is not such a feat, but still.

Today is her special day and in recognition of that, I will prepare a special dinner, and I will make Tall Child be nice to her. It will probably be a quiet day, since she already had a party with her friends this past weekend. It will be just the three of us, well, and the cats I suppose.

Megan, I know that you will grow stronger, brighter and more lovely with each passing day. Though I feel a little sad that my baby girl is growing into a young lady, I know that you will become a woman I am blessed and proud to be a part of.

Happy Birthday! Remember, enjoy each and every day that comes to you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Surprises, Sneezles & Answers

Tall child and I are currently plotting. We have a surprise for someone else who lives in this house. There will be gifts, food, hugs and possibly a cake. Hint, she doesn't have a tail.

Speaking of tails, my Mocha is sick, he has the sneezles. It's kinda cute, and kinda pitiful all at the same time. Called the vet today, she wants us to keep and eye out for yucky bits associated with sneezes and make sure he's still eating. We're really hoping to not have to take him in. He is always totally traumatized after a visit... even though she is a wonderful vet.

Also, as promised, the answers to the Flickr Game questions.

1. Corinne
2. Barbeque Ribs
3. Wheable
4. Burgundy
5. Stuart Townsend
6. Arizona Green Tea
7. Greece
8. Cherry Cheesecake
9. Happy
10. People
11. Complex
12. Moonlit Knit

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Flickr Game

Saw this on a blog today and thought it looked like a bit of fun. For a challenge, try to guess my answers from the photos. Some are easy, but a few maybe not so easy. For the curious. I will post the answers tomorrow.

The concept:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

The Questions:
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name.

1. Corinne!, 2. Go ahead, lick the sauce. You know you want to., 3. 51, 4. reflexion • dijon, burgundy • 2008, 5. Dorian Gray (The Immortal), 6. icetea, 7. Up Or Down, 8. Grandma's Famous Cheesecake, 9. Noche de luna llena - Full moon night, 10. Street sellers, 11. Complex Simplicity, 12. FairyMoss2

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garden Sweet Garden

My garden, which actually is a grouping of various sized flower pots on the small patio outside my back door, is an important part of my house in the warmer months. I love coming home and being greeted by the assorted pots of various blooms with herbs tucked amongst them.

I rent my home, and though there is a large yard, the soil is pretty crappy. If I had my way, and revamping the entire yard was option, it would be a wonderful oasis. For now, I stick to container gardening.

I usually stick to flowers, with some of my favourite herbs and the occasional cherry tomato plant or pot full of salad greens. I have tried growing veggies in containers, never seems to work for me.

Every year I try to come up with a colour palate. I usually come up with a basic guide and then I wind up going into total impulse buy mode and totally go off track. However, it seems no matter the planned theme, my first purchases of the season are always violas or pansies, and bacopa. This year was no different. Purple & white pansies, and white bacopa. This year there was my usual bridal wreath bacopa and the new large bacopa with the quarter sized flowers. I love them.

Placement is always a bit of an issue, and I sometimes wind up moving plants several times before I am totally happy with the way things fit together.

I am having a harder time this year. I have a basic colour plan, whites, creams, purples, blues. My problem, choosing the plants. Often, when I shop for plants, I swear they jump right off the table and cry out for me to take them home, and I usually do. They're not talking this year.

No worries though. I have not lost faith, and am confident that my little garden will soon be gorgeous and welcoming. Then I can do another of my favourite things and amuse myself taking photos of the pretty blooms.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's in a Name?

Before beginning this blog experience I pondered it for several months. There were so many questions. Did I have enough to say? Would people actually want to read it? What should it be about? What should it be called? After all it was going to be my online home.

Back then knitting seemed the way to go. It was something I loved, something I knew enough about, and something that I am proud to be involved with. It never occurred to me to to have a food blog. Yes, cooking and baking are things I do, things I love and things I happily share with my family and friends. But cooking is something everyone has to do, isn't it?

Since then I have learned that not everyone cooks, not everyone thinks pie is easy as pie. Not everyone enjoys making their bread from scratch rather than using a bread maker. I never thought (and still don't think) of any of my culinary products as overly special. Heck I think me using the word "culinary" sounds pretentious. I'm just a simple girl who likes to make, share and enjoy simple food. But people, at least many of the people I know, are always remarking on the food items I create. People even remember me for it. I go to a party at my friend Kim's, someone says "You're the one who made those rosemary potatoes, those were delicious." Yes, I made the potatoes, and I brought them to Kim's b-day party two years ago.

I digress, the point I was trying to make is, was I wrong when I named this blog? When I look back at my posts more of them seem to be related to food than anything else. I know there is always the option of having a second blog, which many people do. I barely keep up this one sometimes, me having two is out of the question.

A while back I talked here about the overt foodiness of this blog and through Freudian slip or just plain typo. Several times I accidentally typed "Moonlit Knitchen" and ever since have wondered if this blog should be re-named. What do you think? Does the name really matter? Is it a bad thing for a knitting blog to have more food posts than knitting ones?

Don't get me wrong, I still love to knit, and do it all the time. But I cook more than I knit, probably due to the fact that my daughters find food tastier that knitted goods.

I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Holy runny frosting! It is so hot and humid here baking is out of the question. In fact, just about everything that involves movement and or is not done sitting in front of the open freezer, is out of the question.

My first quiz of the June NaBloPoMo. It sort of even relates to home.

You Should Live in a Small City

You are definitely an urban person, but not any old city will do. You want a city that matches you well. For you, big cities lack individuality. You prefer a smaller city with lots of personality, local culture, and history.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seeing Spots

Previously I mentioned that my dream kitchen involves a "side of funky". This would most likely be in the form of cute Asian inspired accessories (which Tall Child refers to as Kawaii) , kitschy roosters or leopard print.

Maybe it's due to being a teen in the Eighties, but I have a soft spot for leopard print. At least once a week, I search in vain for a ceramic, leopard print rooster. I do already have a leopard print broom, but was unable to find the matching dust pan. I am determined that Kitchen Aid should have a stand mixer in leopard print and I truly think that Tupperware should introduce leopard print. I have even browsed for leopard print contact paper to line the inside of my cupboards.

In case you're worried, I don't plan to go leopard crazy. But I like key pieces, especially where you don't expect them, example... leopard print, ceramic rooster.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nifty Fifty.

Celebrate good times come on! Let's celebrate!

No, I'm not 50, though I do have a b-day fast approaching. This is my 50th post of 2008. I feel so, um, like a blogging slacker accomplished. I plan to keep on going. Who knows, I may even reach the 100 mark. Now that would be a surprise, and might take another month or two of NaBloPoMo.

Seeing as I rambled on a little yesterday, I will keep this short and simple.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rose Coloured Range

Yesterday I mentioned my dream kitchen. This is something I have planned out in my head for years. For whatever reason, most of the ideas never quite make it out of my head and into the actual kitchen. The plan has changed as I have changed, I went through my Cow/Country Kitchen phase. I even have a couple of ceramic cows, and some country heart dishes to prove it.

I think part of the reason some of my ideas never come to life is that I am often decisionally challenged. There are days where I want a cute and funky kitchen full of colour, and there are days when I want something simple, sleek, and Ikea inspired. However, most of the time, I want something that's English cottage with a side of funky.

For several years now I have dreamt of an Aga. I'm really not even sure of where I saw my first one, it was probably in a magazine. No matter, it was love at first sight. I watch Escape to the Country in hopes of catching a glimpse of one. I remember the episode of the Naked Chef, where Jamie was cooking at Jay Kay's place more for the Aga than the food, though Jay is cute. I have even been known to watch Practical Magic just to drool over the Aga in that fabulous kitchen.

This past January, while shopping for a dryer, I had my very first up close and personal experience with an Aga. Now mind you, it wasn't the traditional model, it was a dual fuel rage top model, but it was still one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. Some people drool over cars, me I guess it's appliances. In my defense, it was shiny and red.

One of the coolest things about Agas, in my opinion, is that they come in so many fabulous colours. I have it narrowed down to two choices, when I finally win the lotto and can afford one, it will either be claret, or black. I know those may seem a little boring to some when I could have turquoise, or aubergine, but those are the two colours I know I could live with long term. I'm leaning towards the claret. Oh and the combination of my dreams.. a two oven gas range, with a dual fuel companion range, like the one below.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Home, Hearth & Muffins

My modern hearth, which due to the lack of a functional fireplace, is actually the stove in my kitchen. My dream kitchen does involve an Aga, but so far, that is a long way off. For now, I rely on my trusty stove, a much beloved Christmas gift from my Mother. Today my hearth was put through it's paces.

This morning while browsing Tastespotting I fell victim to a photo from The Teacher Learns to Cook, of some wonderfully yummy looking Bretzel Rolls. Being that I am me, and that today is my day off, I just had to make some up. I somehow managed to forget the milk in the recipe. However they still turned out awesome, everyone loves them. I will definitely be making them again. I am even thinking of trying them bite-sized next time. Who knows, I may even make the actual soft pretzels.

After the Bretzels came a batch of Mini Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Then, while the chili simmered, I played with my corn muffin recipe and wound up with Cheesy Bacon Corn Muffins. They were also very tasty and went perfectly with the chili.

And my hearth isn't done for the day yet. Tall Child has requested Apple 'n Cheddar Muffins for this week's grab and go breakfasts. Who knows, there may even be a few peanut butter cookies before the night is through.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Here We Go Again

Once again my Foodie Girl has talked me into participating in NaBloPoMo. The theme for June is Home. I'm sure I can find lots to ramble about.

Speaking of home, yesterday my friend Kim hosted an Epicure tasting party at hers. My contribution was sixty deviled eggs. There were lots of tasty tidbits to sample, and some really cool products to have a peek at. I wound up choosing a set of spoons, a couple of fruit dip mixes and two or three seasoning mixes. Kim surprised me by paying for my order as my b-day gift. See why I love her to death, she buys me stuff to cook with, for my home, which I will have to invite her to dinner at, to remind her how much I value her as a friend.

On the knitting front, I have finished the right front on the wee baby hoodie and am about to move on to the back. I love the way it's knitting up and am hoping to have it finished soon.

Monday, May 26, 2008

M is for Monday,

Mac & cheese and more progress. I am almost to the divide for the sleeves on the wee little baby hoodie. Dinner tonight was homemade Mac & Cheese with ham, green onions and a dash of Cayenne.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

P is for Progress

and for Purl, Pattern, Panification, and Pirates. All of which were involved in my nice, but sadly nap deficient, Saturday.

Progress was made on the baby hoodie, which did involve purling and a pattern, which I am, of course, modifying a teensy bit.

Panification produced some very tasty buns, from a variation of an Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day recipe. I will definitely be using the buttermilk dough again.

Pirates of the Caribbean III was the movie I watched while I waited for the Marble Bundt cake to come out of the oven. It doesn't begin with 'P', but it does have rum in it, and rum goes with Pirates so I am including it in my list of progresses. The recipe turned out okay, not great, so I will continue to be on the look-out a recipe, more to my liking, to add to my collection.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Best Laid Plans

Quality sleep is something I have been sorely missing of late, and I had planned to sleep as late as was humanly possible today, or at least as late as the cats would allow. Imagine my urge to maim disappointment when the jackasses workmen next door decided to begin grinding and cutting crap for some installation first thing this morning. So much for sleep.

After feeding the cats, so they would stop circling like sharks and a few chocolate covered jubes to ease my nerves I am here to post something I had planned on posting a few days ago. Actual knitting progress. A whole knitted baby bonnet, okay I still have to weave in the ends. Even more of a shocker, the sweater intended to accompany the bonnet is already on the needles. I tell ya, it's damn near a miracle.

For the bonnet, I have used the Fuzzy Brim Baby Bonnet pattern, and converted the fuzzy brim bit into a garter stitch folded brim. I also opted for three stitch i-cord for the ties instead of crochet.

If Satan's minions the workmen continue on their current course, therefore making a nap completely impossible, there may even be bread baking. My Foodie Girl Stumbled me to buns, a variation of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, I'm dying to try.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Quiz Day!

find your inner PIE @

Okay, I know it's a cop out, but key lime is dang yummy pie.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cupcake Porn

Nothing to say today, instead I will share this weekend's cupcakes. Carrot with cream cheese buttercream. I used this recipe for the cupcakes and made the frosting up as I went along. This photo was me being inspired, or my attempt at artsy, whichever. It is also our current desktop.

Cupcakes at Sunset

Monday, April 28, 2008

What a Girl Wants

Things have been a tad busy. However, instead of sharing a probably potentially lame quiz, I will list a few knitting related items that I totally lust after. Yes, I know to lust is a sin, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

Harmony Knitting Needles

These are just so beautiful, and the double points remind me of pick-up-sticks.

Namaste Laguna Knitting Bag
I can't even begin to imagine how useful this bag would be. The most difficult part would be choosing a colour, I'd probably go with Olive, but Hollywood Pink is quite nice as well.

Namaste Glass Knitting Needles
So pretty. I love both the Dots and the Cones ones.

Knitters Abacus Bracelet

I love this just as a bracelet, nevermind that it is also amazingly practical. Of course I would have to have the matching stitch markers as well. What's the point of lusting if you're not going to go all the way.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amazing Discoveries

Every now and then, okay a lot of the time, alright already, so every free moment I am awake, and possibly even a few that I'm not awake, I find myself looking for fun and fabulous places online. I usually Stumble them, or sometimes following links from other cool places. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my very latest finds.

Bake and Destroy - Fun, funny and with cupcakes.

The Black Oven - A bit of darkness with sumptuous recipes.

Michael Miller Fabrics - Pretty, funky & quirky fabrics galore.

Japanese IQ Test - Totally consuming, I have completed the task, twice, but can't remember how.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Born in the year of the Rooster, I happen to have a deep affection for rooster kitcheny things. However, not the traditional rustic, rooster stuff. I like mine a little on the funkier side. These are a few of the fabulous items I found today while searching online for a leopard print ceramic rooster.

Rooster Fabric

Rooster Spoon Rest

Rooster Pitcher

Falsetto Rooster

Fruit Cocktail Rooster

I absolutely love the fabric. I think it would be perfect for hot pads, pot holders or on a apron. However, the Falsetto Rooster and the Fruit Cocktail Rooster are definitely my faves.