Sunday, July 20, 2008

Humid, Hot & Lazy

Yesterday was too warm to think of breathing, let alone baking. It did rain and then cooled down a little, but by that time the last thing I wanted to do was go heating up the kitchen. Grocery shopping was also a bust. First it was too hot to walk there, then it was too rainy, and after that I was just too lazy. Besides I really hate being in the grocery store on a weekend, it is just way too crowded.

Here's hoping that today will be a little cooler and I will be brave enough to venture out and face the grocery store crowds. I will have to soon, otherwise the cats may run out of food. I'm always afraid what the pair of them might do if they don't get fed. As it is when feeding time rolls around, they circle like sharks the whole time it's being dished out.

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