Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunny Food Adventure

Today we made our yearly trip to Sunfest. We look forward to it every year, it is probably our favourite of the downtown summer festivals. The music is irresistible and there are always interesting and incredible vendors, as well as some really fabulous food. There are foods that we literally wait all year to have, and Sunfest is that time.

Upon arriving we usually hear the chatter of the crowds, and splashes of music from the various booths. Depending on our time constraints we will usually meander through the vendors looking at all the wonderful clothing, jewelry and trinkets. However soon after arriving, the scents of the exotic foods will beckon us to the food row. There is of course your usual festival food of fries, burgers, funnel cakes and such. But then there is the food we have come for, the spicy, the unusual, the "my taste buds are in heaven" kind of stuff we can never seem to find anywhere but Sunfest.

This year the food experience began with something I happened upon last year. Bulani, an Afghan thin sort of turnover, filled with potatoes, onions and served with the most incredible coriander sauce, that is truly a combination of spicy herby goodness. The sauce is my favourite part. We moved on in search of our favourites and new tastes to add to our list of loves.

Next was a stop at the Persian Chicken booth. It was recommended a few years back by a friend of Tall Child's and is it ever good. Chunks of chicken cooked on kabobs over an open grill till toasty, tasty and juicy. It's served in a wrap, and in case anyone doubts how good this chicken really is ... Sunfest runs from Thursday to Sunday, and every year, the Persian chicken booth is sold out before Sunday afternoon.

Third on our quest for food adventure. The Latin Delights booth. We make at least two stops at this booth every year. Our first bit if Latin deliciousness, Pupusas. They are awesome, tasty, pancakesque treats filled with cheese and pork, fried and served with a great coleslaw like side. We move along, knowing that we will be back. The Latin Delights booth is always our last stop of the day when eating at Sunfest.

Something new next, Popsicles. Not your ordinary Popsicles though. Tall Child had a Lulo Popsicle, Megz had a Guava one and I had a Dulce de Leche one. We each tried them all, and I can't speak for the girls, they were all very tasty and refreshing. I liked the Dulce de Leche the best. It was a combination of sweet, smooth, cool, milky yumminess that sort of reminded me of maple fudge.

Barely finished our Popsicles, we stopped for chicken samosas. We made a quick double back for one last Bulani and a slice of Baklava to share and then began our return to Latin Delights for our end of the day treat.

Deep fried ice cream. This has been our regular "leaving Sunfest" food for the past several years. The girls and I literally look forward to it all year. A scoop of cold ice cream surrounded in a protective and yummy coating of corn flake crumbs. Deep fried till just crunchy, and served in a bowl made of a fried tortilla. They then drizzle the whole thing with chocolate sauce and honey, topping it off with a huge slice of succulent strawberry.

This year was actually just a quick visit. We usually make a day of it, however we were there less than 3 hrs.

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kelly.dee said...

I forgot about Sunfest!

We have Summerlicious on right now, it seems pretty neat. Maybe we'll get to go check that out.