Monday, December 31, 2007

Holidays & Such.

Christmas is always busier that I expect, though this year I did manage to not overwhelm myself with a never ending to do list. I decorated a little. I love our cute feather tree, which managed to not be eaten by a certain kitten. I shopped for what was needed, I made goodies only for a select few and kept the knitting gift list to a minimum. It made for an enjoyable and relaxed holiday. I plan on keeping New Year's, and all of 2008 for that matter, on a similar course.

The Christmas goodie preparation, although a little later than I had planned turned out well, and all recipients at least feined pleasure, which is good enough for me. Here's a peek at them all wrapped and ready for gifting. My kiddles did finish all of the extra goodies, so I'm sure they were indeed good.

I even managed a post-Christmas batch of toffee. It began with an online recipe which I modified into Double Toffee Almond Crunch, no feedback as of yet(the kiddles are away), but I find it pretty tasty and look forward to making many versions and adaptations in the future. It is also quite pretty to look at.

Now I will share my favourite photo from this year's Holiday celebration. Let you know that my last gift will be arriving on Thursday, and all y'all are gonna love it. Okay, I'll love it, and those I love will love it, maybe not everyone will love it.

Finally, I hope that you have enjoyed my musings on this humble little blog, which isn't updated nearly enough and would like to wish all a Happy and Peaceful 2008.

Live, love, laugh, enjoy. (my new moto)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Long Awaited Update..?

Update.. definitely. Long awaited.. maybe, maybe not.

This is actually a mini update, I don't currently have all that much to share. There were a few hats knit for the Christmas charity drive at work, ... but I forgot to take pictures. There are a couple of other knits I'm currently working on. Some are destined to be Christmas gifts and therefore I probably shouldn't blog them, but I might when they reach a more photogenic stage. Today, I'll be sharing foodie bits and my eldest's (aka:Tall Child) cooking talents, obviously inherited from her mother.

Tonight's supper, pierogies, artfully prepared by Em (aka:Tall Child), under the watchful eye of her Mother (that's me). They were fabulous, and
downright delicious. Photographic evidence.