Monday, December 10, 2007

Long Awaited Update..?

Update.. definitely. Long awaited.. maybe, maybe not.

This is actually a mini update, I don't currently have all that much to share. There were a few hats knit for the Christmas charity drive at work, ... but I forgot to take pictures. There are a couple of other knits I'm currently working on. Some are destined to be Christmas gifts and therefore I probably shouldn't blog them, but I might when they reach a more photogenic stage. Today, I'll be sharing foodie bits and my eldest's (aka:Tall Child) cooking talents, obviously inherited from her mother.

Tonight's supper, pierogies, artfully prepared by Em (aka:Tall Child), under the watchful eye of her Mother (that's me). They were fabulous, and
downright delicious. Photographic evidence.

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