Monday, November 19, 2007

Congrats to the Kiddles

I forgot to share, my Em (aka Tall Child) won a cash prize at school for having her artwork selected to be included with a CD they're making. Honour roll and winning artwork, and second semester hasn't even begun yet. Megan will be performing a solo at the school's upcomming Christmas concert, and has a role in the school's production of High School Musical. Just to re-afirm, I am very proud of both of my girls, not just for their accomplishments, I am exceedingly proud of them for the people that they are.

On a knitting note, apparently it's genetic. Here is a peek at the progress Meg has made on her pink camo, garter stitch scarf. It's with Bernat Camouflage yarn, knitted on pink metalic 4.5mm needles.

Speaking of camouflage, here is Marzipan, blending in with the blanket on my bed.

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Jenny said...

love the camo yarn