Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weekly Randomness

Today I started taking antibiotics to combat the spider bite I received earlier this week at work. The scariest thing the Doctor said, "Watch that it doesn't start to turn black". How comforting. I would normally have knit to ease my mind, however my wrist has been a little sore of late. So, I did what I often do when I want to feel better; I headed to the kitchen to cook. Soup was the item of the day. First there was Mushroom Sausage Penne Soup. It was really quite tasty, perfect with a sprinkle of parmesan and a nice warm piece of garlic bread. The kiddles both had second helpings. Next, a big pot of Cauliflower & Squash Soup, which tasted incredible, wonderful and creamy, but with surprisingly little fat. I adapted the recipe just a little, by roasting both the cauliflower and squash, also roasted a few garlic cloves to be added in. I used maple syrup, regular sour cream, and stirred in a spoonful of parmesan and a bit of fresh thyme after pureeing. I will definitely be making it again, for now this batch goes into the freezer... well, with enough left out for tomorrow's lunch.

Since I have no knitting progress to show, another random quiz...

You Are Fall!







kelly dee said...

The soup was tasty!

Rabbitch said...

Apparently I, too, am Fall. That's my favourite time of year.

MoonlitKnit said...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It's not as green as it looks in the picture.LOL