Monday, October 29, 2007

From Peach to Jam.

What I did on the weekend? Several things, the one I choose to share ... jam. Lately I've been experimenting with making jams without pectin, aka: certo. I usually make very small batches, just in case the experimentation goes awry. So far I've been lucky..although there is one batch of peach raspberry that came out more like peach butter..I don't like it, but the Em does so it's not a total loss. This weekend there was the Peach Raspberry butter and Ginger Peach jam. The ginger peach turned out awesome. The only problem with the small batch idea ... if it's really good, there's not enough and since I'm dash and pinch kind of cook, it is sometimes difficult to exactly replicate the results. I find myself actually writing down the recipes as I create, something I've not often done. Anyway, back to the ginger peach jam. I photo documented its evolution for the sake of posterity, well, and the blog( hi Kelly!).

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