Monday, October 22, 2007

A Day Off...

Today was my day off, and in celebration the cats and I slept in. I then took advantage of the wonderful autumn breeze and hung out laundry to dry. After a well deserved afternoon nap I went shopping at my very favourite food related place, Sunripe. They have the most wonderful produce, not to mention great meats and cheeses. I picked up a fabulous applewood smoked cheddar, plums, peaches and some spinach and bocconcini for mini pizzas. After dinner I turned the plums and one peach into a really yummy spiced plum and peach jam. It's a recipe idea I have been fiddling with for a bit. It turned out really well (the kidlets were eating it right out of the pot), and the recipe makes only two cups, so if it were to turn out badly, it's not like you have a whole batch of awful jam. There is also no pectin, or additives involved, so I suppose it's more natural. No matter, it looks glorious and tastes as good as it looks.

P.S. The jam was still warm when this picture was taken.


kelly dee said...

I still can't pronounce bocconcini.

I bought some too the other day for olive tapenade and roasted red pepper sandwiches.

MoonlitKnit said...

Bo-co-no-chini. At least that's how we say it.
Sounds yummy.