Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lazy Sunday.

My girls are with Grandma today, it's a hazy, drizzly day and I have a new colour of Morning Glory in bloom. I've been keeping myself busy taking photos, editing photos, playing with photos. Though, there are a couple of knitting projects I need to get on the go, just not sure which I want to tackle first. There's a fall cardigan for a two year old girl (I need to get the Mom's approval for the colours and pattern), and a black and purple Kittyville for Jenny's Charlie. I'll probably use to hat as a to go project and work on the sweater at home. Then it'll be on to Christmas knitting.

Things have been a tad crazy around here with all the back to school hoopla, adjusting to a new feline, and all of the regular stuff that usually keeps me busy. Speaking of felines, Marzipan is fitting into our family unit quite nicely, and as an added bonus, she no longer gobbles her own food in order to gallop down the hallway and eat Mocha's. She was, however, stealing the younger daughter's feathery pencils and carrying them off, so I have bought her her own version, an actual cat toy. It's even purple, and goes so well with her fur.

Thursday was the last evening for the 4-H knitting group I was helping with. It was kind of sad and I will miss them all tons. After all, what could be more fun than spending every other Thursday evening knitting with ten teenage, or nearly teenage girls. We'll have to have a reunion knitting, that sounds kinda pathetic. Anyway, they presented me with a a lovely thank you card (signed by all) and a Michael's gift certificate, I'll be using it to buy something totally me to remember them by.

Stopped in to Michael's yesterday and it reminded me how much a love Hallowe'en. So many awesome things I wanted. I think I'll be using the above mentioned gift certificate soon, probably for one of the nifty Hallowe'en door plaques. I also want to paint a harlequin pumpkin and a sparkly black one, maybe even a sparkly purple one (since Marzipan moved in I've found a new appreciation for purple and black) and possibly a black mirrored one. Oh, and there is a cute crescent moon bag thingy I want to replicate/modify, and, and ... and so on and so on. Did I mention how much I love Hallowe'en? Usually I put a lot of time and work into the girls' costumes, but they're getting older now and that's slowing down a bit ... maybe I just need to look for some Hallowe'en knitting to keep me occupied.

'til next time.