Sunday, October 21, 2007

A bit of Transfiguration.

Today was a day for some cooking. In explanation of the title of the post, to me cooking is a little bit of magic. Taking a mix of often unrelated ingredients and transfiguring them into something completely different, that hopefully turns out to be delicious. I especially feel this way about baking, jams, sauces, stews and soups, maybe that's why those are some of my favourite things to create in the kitchen. Today's magic was successful. I transfigured this .....

Into this ... A thick, comforting and wonderfully tasty yellow pea soup full of chunks of maple cured ham.

It was my first attempt at pea soup and everyone loved it, there is even some leftover. It took most of the day to cook, but really wasn't too much work. I would definitely make it again, though I would probably make more next time ... so there would be more to freeze.

There was knitting. I have made the divisions for the sleeves in the orange toddler cardigan and am on the home stretch for the body. There was also movie watching Practical Magic, LotR-Fellowship of the Ring and National Treasure. Sean Bean is so handsome.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,
Just to let everyone know, the pic with the cast iron pot took at least 15 minutes for mom to get right, boy was it annoying, but I still love my mom.
PS. Hi kelly

The Hamster.