Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's in a Name?

Before beginning this blog experience I pondered it for several months. There were so many questions. Did I have enough to say? Would people actually want to read it? What should it be about? What should it be called? After all it was going to be my online home.

Back then knitting seemed the way to go. It was something I loved, something I knew enough about, and something that I am proud to be involved with. It never occurred to me to to have a food blog. Yes, cooking and baking are things I do, things I love and things I happily share with my family and friends. But cooking is something everyone has to do, isn't it?

Since then I have learned that not everyone cooks, not everyone thinks pie is easy as pie. Not everyone enjoys making their bread from scratch rather than using a bread maker. I never thought (and still don't think) of any of my culinary products as overly special. Heck I think me using the word "culinary" sounds pretentious. I'm just a simple girl who likes to make, share and enjoy simple food. But people, at least many of the people I know, are always remarking on the food items I create. People even remember me for it. I go to a party at my friend Kim's, someone says "You're the one who made those rosemary potatoes, those were delicious." Yes, I made the potatoes, and I brought them to Kim's b-day party two years ago.

I digress, the point I was trying to make is, was I wrong when I named this blog? When I look back at my posts more of them seem to be related to food than anything else. I know there is always the option of having a second blog, which many people do. I barely keep up this one sometimes, me having two is out of the question.

A while back I talked here about the overt foodiness of this blog and through Freudian slip or just plain typo. Several times I accidentally typed "Moonlit Knitchen" and ever since have wondered if this blog should be re-named. What do you think? Does the name really matter? Is it a bad thing for a knitting blog to have more food posts than knitting ones?

Don't get me wrong, I still love to knit, and do it all the time. But I cook more than I knit, probably due to the fact that my daughters find food tastier that knitted goods.

I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

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kelly.dee said...

That's ok, I originally intended to have a food blog and it turned into more of a personal blog then anything.

Not that the name of mine suggests food anyways. When I think artificial agent + food I think food additives when really artificial agent was all about my thing with robots. Again, nothing to do with food.

My friend wanted to jump on the NaBloPoMo wagon too but couldn't think of a name for hers. I don't know.......maybe everyone just needs a 'starter' blog before they get serious.