Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garden Sweet Garden

My garden, which actually is a grouping of various sized flower pots on the small patio outside my back door, is an important part of my house in the warmer months. I love coming home and being greeted by the assorted pots of various blooms with herbs tucked amongst them.

I rent my home, and though there is a large yard, the soil is pretty crappy. If I had my way, and revamping the entire yard was option, it would be a wonderful oasis. For now, I stick to container gardening.

I usually stick to flowers, with some of my favourite herbs and the occasional cherry tomato plant or pot full of salad greens. I have tried growing veggies in containers, never seems to work for me.

Every year I try to come up with a colour palate. I usually come up with a basic guide and then I wind up going into total impulse buy mode and totally go off track. However, it seems no matter the planned theme, my first purchases of the season are always violas or pansies, and bacopa. This year was no different. Purple & white pansies, and white bacopa. This year there was my usual bridal wreath bacopa and the new large bacopa with the quarter sized flowers. I love them.

Placement is always a bit of an issue, and I sometimes wind up moving plants several times before I am totally happy with the way things fit together.

I am having a harder time this year. I have a basic colour plan, whites, creams, purples, blues. My problem, choosing the plants. Often, when I shop for plants, I swear they jump right off the table and cry out for me to take them home, and I usually do. They're not talking this year.

No worries though. I have not lost faith, and am confident that my little garden will soon be gorgeous and welcoming. Then I can do another of my favourite things and amuse myself taking photos of the pretty blooms.

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