Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm a little behind with this news, but I did just find out from my Foodie Girl yesterday. It almost feels like a belated b-day gift. Tastespotting is not gone! Yay!!! It is apparently just hibernating, or regenerating. Either way I'm happy, and can hardly wait until it is up and running again.

In other news, the school year is officially finished. I am very pleased with both of my girls, and will love having them around more. However, by mid-July I will probably be questioning the sanity of that statement, and battling with them for the computer for the purposes of Tastespotting and Food Gawking. Not to mention Ravelry and Facebooking with Foodie Girl, who I already miss and she hasn't even officially moved away yet.


kelly.dee said...

I miss you too!

I am so friggen bored, I thought being off work for a bit would be fun. But it's not.

Anyways, I'm going to swing by Friday to drop off your Tupperware. When's the best time?

Love, TasteSpotting said...

Aw...Happy Belated Birthday! Not hibernating, just you know, recuperating after an insane Spring, maybe? But glad to know that you're HAPPY to hear we're coming back :)

See you soon!


kelly.dee said...

Don't know if you've heard yet but NaBloPoMo for July is FOOD............I feel obligated to participate in this one.

Anonymous said...

So TasteSpotting is now a person or group of people? Who are you mystery TasteSpotting people? and when are you coming back?