Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seeing Spots

Previously I mentioned that my dream kitchen involves a "side of funky". This would most likely be in the form of cute Asian inspired accessories (which Tall Child refers to as Kawaii) , kitschy roosters or leopard print.

Maybe it's due to being a teen in the Eighties, but I have a soft spot for leopard print. At least once a week, I search in vain for a ceramic, leopard print rooster. I do already have a leopard print broom, but was unable to find the matching dust pan. I am determined that Kitchen Aid should have a stand mixer in leopard print and I truly think that Tupperware should introduce leopard print. I have even browsed for leopard print contact paper to line the inside of my cupboards.

In case you're worried, I don't plan to go leopard crazy. But I like key pieces, especially where you don't expect them, example... leopard print, ceramic rooster.

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kelly.dee said...

Has Emma seen this site yet?