Monday, June 2, 2008

Home, Hearth & Muffins

My modern hearth, which due to the lack of a functional fireplace, is actually the stove in my kitchen. My dream kitchen does involve an Aga, but so far, that is a long way off. For now, I rely on my trusty stove, a much beloved Christmas gift from my Mother. Today my hearth was put through it's paces.

This morning while browsing Tastespotting I fell victim to a photo from The Teacher Learns to Cook, of some wonderfully yummy looking Bretzel Rolls. Being that I am me, and that today is my day off, I just had to make some up. I somehow managed to forget the milk in the recipe. However they still turned out awesome, everyone loves them. I will definitely be making them again. I am even thinking of trying them bite-sized next time. Who knows, I may even make the actual soft pretzels.

After the Bretzels came a batch of Mini Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. Then, while the chili simmered, I played with my corn muffin recipe and wound up with Cheesy Bacon Corn Muffins. They were also very tasty and went perfectly with the chili.

And my hearth isn't done for the day yet. Tall Child has requested Apple 'n Cheddar Muffins for this week's grab and go breakfasts. Who knows, there may even be a few peanut butter cookies before the night is through.

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