Monday, June 16, 2008

Sweet Addiction

As I may have mentioned here, I am a complete Tastespotting addict. Or at least I was until it closed down, and on my b-day no less. Since then I have been in major denial about the whole thing. However I have, with a little success, managed to satisfy my food porn needs through copious visits to Flickr, Bakespace and personal blogs, Pioneer Woman Cooks, Tartelette, and CakeSpy, to name a few.

Today I received a wonderful message from Foodie Girl, that seemed heaven sent, and was just what I needed. A Tastespotting substitute. Apparently I wasn't the only one suffering from the loss. Check it out, and often, it seems to be updating at a blissfully dizzying rate. How can you not love great food! My newest love and soon to be addiction Food Gawker.

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kelly.dee said...

HAHA I just wrote my post for the day then came here to see if you had and we both wrote about the same thing.