Friday, June 27, 2008

Beyond My Control

I knew that this NaBloPoMo was going way too easily for me. Posting consistently and only one or two last minute posts. Than came the thunderstorm. Being a lover of a good thunderstorm, I didn't mind at at when one blew up last evening. I was even okay when the power went out for a few hours...I had a nap. I was however not okay, when the power came back on and the keyboard and mouse for the Mac weren't responding.

It's one of those deals where the keyboard is connected to the Mac and the mouse is connected to the keyboard. After a somewhat frantic call to the Mac Outpost this morning, I resigned myself to the fact that the keyboard was done.

A happy ending for all, after a trip to Mac Outpost by Tall child and an $80 price tag, we have a shinny new keyboard and mouse. Our poor dinosaur of a Mac must feel a little outdated, but it seems to be adapting. Have I mentioned how much I love our Mac? I love it, love it love it.

The only downside to this tale ...I have failed at the June NaBloPoMo. well, there is always July, and the theme is Food! Yay!!!

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kelly.dee said...

We failed together weee!!!