Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Backyard Beauties

Today a glimpse of some of the flora growing around my home. I still have only a fraction of my usual outdoor containers planted, but there are a few pretties to beautify until I get around to filling the other pots.



Mystery Bush

The mystery bush is not only a mystery but also a very pleasant surprise. About 13 years ago there was one on the side of the yard which I dearly loved. Sadly, due to brutal pruning on the part of my then husband it died. So imagine my surprise this year, when wandering the yard, to find a gorgeous bush just like the one that had died, but on the opposite side of the yard. I was so excited I actually rushed to get my camera, and happily snapped away photos.

I have a surprise gift that I also intended to share, however, I was unable to get a photo able to represent how awesomely cool it is. Something for tomorrow.

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