Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Growing Up is Hard...

On a parent. Tall Child turned the big One-Six today. I can say, it certainly doesn't seem like it's been sixteen years. Happy Birthday honey! I'm so proud of the woman you are growing up to be.

She had a B-day bash with her friends on the weekend, so this evening was just a quiet dinner for her, Megz and myself. T.C chose the menu, it consisted of lemon oregano chicken breasts, steamed baby carrots and rice.

T.C's B-Day Dinner

For dessert, there were peanut butter swirl brownies. As we didn't have enough baker's chocolate squares, I used the Fry's cocoa recipe and topped them with the p.b. & chocolate mixture. I did cheat and melt the butter in the microwave as opposed to on the stove top.

Brownie Batter

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