Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another List.

Today's list, top ten things I want to knit. To clarify, this is a list of items that I want to knit, if we lived in a perfect world. However, since we don't, due to time and funds they may not all be completed before being bumped off the list. This list also does not include things others have asked for, unless of course they happen to ask for something I actually really want to knit. I am listing these as the top ten, but there is really no specific order in which I want to knit them.

Top 10 Things I Want to Knit.

1. Lucie, an awesome sweater I would like to knit for me.
2. Coachella, another me, not sure how flattering it might be, but it looks fun.
3. Cleaves, for Em... it's funky & I can live vicariously through her,
not sure it would work with my rather ample bosom
4. Tubey, in a solid for me and stripes for Em.
5. Bondok, larger & in a darker colour.

We are now at the half way point. In case you're dizzy from all the linkage, maybe you'd like to warm up your tea, or grab a cookie.

6. Skuld, I love this, this one has a shot at actually becoming reality.
7. Hug, one for me, one for Em, one for Meg.
8. Sedona, for Meg... they look like fun and I think she'd like them.
9. Charles, for Meg, she'd adore it, and it looks so easy.
10. Socks, no link, 'cause I haven't decided on a pattern
Honestly, I've never knit socks and they scare the heck outta me

Honorable mention goes to...

Celia, I absolutely love this and think it is incredibly sexy, it only gets an honorable mention for two reasons. One, it's crochet and not knit, a technicality. Two, the sizing isn't large enough for me, and there is that ample bosom thing I mentioned earlier.

NaBloPoMo status - Two down, twenty-nine to go.
Think you're up for it? We'll see if I am

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