Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Cost of Adorable

I have managed to resist the lure of bread making yet another day. I think I may well crack tomorrow. I really am craving homemade pizza.

The list for today will reflect some of the very adorable and lovely items I would love to have for my kitchen, but would probably not be able to swallow the price tag for. They are in order from highest to lowest price.

Top 10 Incredibly Over-priced Items I Lust After for My Kitchen.

1. Dots Porcelain Cookie Jar $100.00 This is so beautiful, I absolutely love the pattern.

2. Eva Solo Garlic Press $83.61. This is like art with a function.

3. Fish Measuring Spoons $65.00. I just love these, I have no reason or excuse.

4. Bread Bin $62.63. What a funky, great place to store the products of my Bread Making Disease.

5. Le Creuset Mini Dutch Oven (8 oz) $54.95. I love this, but have no idea what I might use it for to justify the price, for a casserole that holds one cup.

6. King Chin Grinder $53.66 each. This is just so cool.

7. Queen Chin Grinder $53.66 each. Of course, I would have to have the Queen to go with the King.

8. Eva Solo Grating Bucket $44.69. This one is actually incredibly functional, maybe someone will make a less expensive version soon.

9. Mr.Chin Timer $39.60 each. I actually found this before I found the grinders. I don't really need a timer, as there is one built into my stove, but this is so adorable, how could I resist.

10. Mandarin Citrus Squeezer $35.72. This is the least expensive on the list and I think it may actually be my favourite. I already have a juicer, but ... well, apparently I have an addiction to cute.


kelly.dee said...

"apparently I have an addiction to cute"

You and me both sister!

MoonlitKnit said...

Okay, so, we share "an addiction to cute" and I caught my Bread Making Disease from you. We should either spend more time together, or much less.LOL