Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Intentions, Shmentions

I had intended to bake cupcakes this evening. However, apparently I have no self control and instead spent my time feeding my online addictions, the newest being Stumble Upon.

Here are a few of the other online places I must visit regularly, or risk going into withdrawal. Bake Space, Ravelry, Tastespotting, Crazy Aunt Purl, Blogthings, Yarnstorm and of course my pal, Foodie Girl's blog.

Disclaimer: Warning, all of the above mentioned webspots are extremely addictive and should be be ventured to only with great caution. This blog is not responsible for any addictions or dependencies that may incur upon visitation of above mentioned websites/and or blogs.


kelly.dee said...

I told you StumbleUpon was great!

MoonlitKnit said...

Did anyone ever tell you you're an enabler.

kelly.dee said...

Haha no!