Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Today, I thought I might share a glimpse inside of my kitchen. Okay, so it's not huge, it lacks cupboard space and it is in desperate need of a coat of paint. However, it is quite bright, the brightest room in the house in fact, and I love to cook in it.

The part of my kitchen that I would really like to share are a few of my favourite things (whoa, Sound of Music moment) that happen to reside there. Of course, I won't be going on about my new stove, as I have already mentioned that at least a couple of times.

5 Favs from My Kitchen

1.My salt & pepper set.

Consisting of a salt shaker and pepper grinder.
I bought this at Winners a few years back. I love cobalt blue, and of course fell in love with these the instant I laid eyes on them. They live beside the stove, on the cookbook cabinet.

2.My Kitten Mug.

This was a Christmas gift from my Mother a couple of years ago. I love Siamese cats, and it's a nice big mug, perfect for herbal tea.

3.My Grandma's Dutch Oven.
This cast iron dutch oven belonged to my maternal Grandmother, she had it for most of her adult life and used it for many a pot roast. I've had it for the past few years. It was the one thing I really wanted when she was moving into the retirement home. I have cooked everything from soups, to chili, to roasts, to most recently bread in it. Now that she's passed on it's a very nice feeling to have and use it, after all, she was a big part of my love of cooking.

4. My Mixing Bowls.

This is actually a set of three bowls (I know there's only one in the pic),that I saw before Christmas in the Grocery store. They are gorgeous and heavy, and even have a nifty flat spot on one side so you can tilt the bowl and it will rest that way on its own. There is a 1L, a 2L and a 4L. When I first noticed them they were $29.99 A tiny bit more than I could justify at Christmas time for bowls, something I already have several of. Then, they went on sale for $19.99, I put them on my Christmas wish list. I didn't get them. After Christmas I decided to admire my bowls when I happened to be in the store and low and behold, they were on sale for $7.97!! for the set! I took it as a sign and bought them. Shortly after purchasing them, I found very similar bowls on the website of a high-end kitchen store here in town. They have the smallest bowls priced at more than my whole set was originally priced at. If you compare my pic to the ones in the link, you'll see what I mean about similar.

5. My Recipe Box.
Actually, I don't have a recipe box, but I want one, very badly. I just haven't found one I like, that suits my needs. However, I know that when I finally do get one, and it's jam packed with all of my favourite recipes, it will be one of the most prized things to live in my humble kitchen.


kelly.dee said...

I am in love with a set of mixing bowls I found at the Bulk Barn. The blobbular man who works there was too lazy to find out the price for me but I plan on going back and getting them since they are in fun shades of red, blue and yellow.

I also want a recipe box. They are hard to find though. My cousin has the cutest retro tin Snoopy one that I am extremely jealous of.

MoonlitKnit said...

Bulk Barn sells bowls? Who knew.

My mom used to have a recipe box, it was an ugly green. I think she's gotten rid of it. I have told my children I want one, and have actually considered making myself one. Now just to find a box the size I want.