Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Knit or Death

As promised, a knitting post, finally. Though I still haven't done any actual knitting recently. Here today I am presenting yet another list, a knitting related list. I might have mentioned one or two of these items before. I am not including any WIP's on this list. They are in no particular order.

Five Items I Will Knit This Year (Even if it kills me)

1. Chunky Beret, Emma has ordered requested that this be on the list.

2. Ballband Dishcloth, I know it's just a dishcloth but I have been dying to try this pattern.

3. Airy Wrap Lace Sweater, I love this for me, probably in black, or maybe plum.

4. Socks, I am thinking this pattern might be good for a start, then maybe I could work up to something fancier.

5. Cabled Bag, I just can't decide on a colour, maybe something funky and bright ... just like me.

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