Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Everchangingness of Lists

As may have been previously mentioned, the theme of this month's NaBloPoMo is Lists. I am always writing lists in my everyday life. It is a habit I have inherited from my Mother, who I have sometimes thought might be a list addict. I am not list-addicted, however I do probably write more than my fair share.

I have three kinds of lists. I write everyday lists; errands, groceries, chores, etc. I write lists to keep track; things I've knit, DVD's, etc. Mostly though, I write what I think of as "long term lists". These lists involve things I would like, to acquire, do, or create long term. They are, by nature, everchanging. Times change, needs change. An example, five things I'd like to knit this year. Another example, household items I would like to acquire. This week, I made a purchase that allowed me to cross an item off of this particular list, an item that had been on the list for quite some time. For some, this item might be considered a little useless, though I believe I will use it frequently. Why haven't I purchased it before now? All of the ones I had found were a teeny bit pricier than I could justify, or when I could justify it, I wasn't in the mood to lug it home (the item is relatively small, but quite heavy).

Earlier this week, I went in search of Peeps, they were an Easter demand request from my daughters. While on my hunt for Peeps (they were surprisingly difficult to find), I treated myself to a stop in the Winners kitchen department. Imagine how I was elated to find a plethora of styles and sizes of the previously mentioned item. I was overjoyed, however, I was also taking the bus home. I resigned that it would have to wait until Thursday, when I was tagging along with my friend Kim, who loves me, and therefore takes pity on me and drives me around sometimes. I was a little concerned that they would be gone, but it was only two days and they did have several. Thursday came, and I was eager. While in the store, crouched down at the shelf loaded with the various styles and sizes, I was overwhelmed. I couldn't decide. I called Em for advice. I described a few of the styles, and asked what she thought. She gave her input and we said goodbye. With the model we had discussed in my hands, I spotted one way at the back, one I hadn't noticed while on the phone or, on my previous visit. The styling was a little different than the others, and it was the only one there of its kind. I thought for a moment and grabbed it up, putting back the one I had been going to buy.

I brought home my wonderful new item and immediately made a place for it to live in my kitchen, a place where it could be seen and used, but not in the way, and if you knew my kitchen, you'd know that finding such a spot is so not easy. I'm a happy girl. I even have pictures.

Isn't it beautiful? I love it! Oh, and did I mention that it was less than a third of the price of the others I have seen in the past. On a side note there was another purchase made at Winner's that day. It is a gift for a friend, a foodie, crafty friend. I hope that they are able to put it to good use, enjoy having it as much as I enjoyed choosing it for them, and selfishly, I hope they remember me whenever they use it.

A little hint, just in case they're reading.

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