Sunday, March 23, 2008

By-Products of Insomnia

Usual suggestions to combat insomnia; warm milk, count sheep, a warm bath. Those don't work for me. What do I do for insomnia? I usually bake, or I knit. Tonight, I did both. I baked cookies, Toffee Chocolate Almond Crunchies to be precise. When those were done, and I was still unable to sleep, I turned to the knitting. I decide on something small and while hunting on Ravelry found this dishcloth.

The Dishcloth seems like it will be a fun little pattern. I have never tried the feathers and fan stitch before. The cookies are delicious and were fairly easy. However I think that I need to pick up a silpat or two before the next time I bake them up. The toffee bits make the cookies stick.

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kelly.dee said...

I was just thinking about Silpats today. I think I saw them once at Home Hardware on the cheap.