Saturday, March 1, 2008

Movies to Knit By.

Here we are the first day of NaBloPoMo, and I'm off to a great start. "Lists" is the theme for March's NaBloPoMo, so I've decided to share my list of ten favourite movies to knit by. First let me note that I do have some criteria for a movie to knit by. It can only be action packed if I have already seen it before. I admit to trying to knit during Casino Royale in the theatre, I didn't get much done. Could have been the navy blue yarn, could have been the action. Other criteria, they have to be good, and since that is strictly based on personal opinion, it may not count as criteria.

I do often knit in the movie theatre but the list of movies I'll be mentioning here are ones I own on DVD. This is only a general order, they often move around the list according to my mood.

Movies(DVD) to Knit by:

1. Pride & Prejudice, the A&E mini-series version.
2. 10 Things I Hate About You.
3. Shaun of the Dead (aforementioned action rule applies here).
4. Dangerous Beauty, I love this movie, I especially love Rufus Sewell. I knit an entire Christmas gift for a friend watching only this movie while I worked on it.
5. Gladiator, much of the Bee hat was knit during this movie.
6. Serenity
7. Pitch Black
8. The Wedding Date
9. A Knight's Tale
10.The 13th Warrior

Honorable mention for another movie that I love to knit by, and for that matter
love in general but do not own on DVD,

There you have it. What you expected? I'll admit there are others I like to knit by, but these are the tops.


charlottes web said...

i can see why you tried to knit through casino royale in the theaters cause it sucked crap. Daniel Craig should never be allowed to be a Bond Again. I Still Vote For Clive Owen

MoonlitKnit said...

Clive Owen didn't want the part. I think Daniel is okay, since he is supposed to be an "inexperienced" Bond. I personally wanted Ioan Gruffudd, but he felt he was too young for the part.

charlottesweb said...

You Should Check Out Clive Owen In This Movie Called Shoot 'Em Up With Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci. Awesome Movie Full Of Action