Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Covet

I believe it mentions thy neighbour's wife and thy neighbour's ass, but if I remember correctly, there was nothing about yarn.

Top 5 Yarns I'd Really Like to Knit With. (& maybe fondle just a little)

1. Black Orchid, by Rabbitch. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it online. The colours are so extraordinarily sexy and just make me want to sink myself into them like bathwater.

2. Sea Silk, by Handmaiden. I want this yarn so bad, but it's just a teeny bit pricey. I'm sure that it is more than worth it. I think I like the Blackberry colour way best. However, even though I'm not usually a fan of pink, I also kinda like the Sangria.

3. Cashlana, by Fleece Artist. This looks simply delicious, there is no other way to describe it. I like colour ways Peacock and Indian Summer best.

4. ArtYarns. These all look so fun and sumptous, I've been smitten since I first saw some on The Nocturnal Knit Witch, I just cant decide which one, either Silk Fur in colour way #123 or Supermerino in colour way #155.

5. Kureyon, by Noro. I have head this is kinda scratchy at first, but I would still love to give it a try. I like colour ways #213 and #188 best.

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