Thursday, April 10, 2008

Virgin No More

Ikea virgin, that is. This week was my very first trip to that sought after, soul satisfying, place of glory that is Ikea.

Oh, I have poured over the catalogues for years, and browsed the website at great length. However, I have never had the uplifting experience of actually wandering through the store, until now. It was a moving experience, exhilarating yet peaceful. The main goal of the trip was to purchase loft beds for my daughters. They share a room and space has always been a bit of an issue, even with bunk beds, but it is becoming even more so as the younger approaches teendom. Loft beds seemed the best solution. The plan is they will both now have a separate bed and the space under it.

My trip to Ikea was not totally selfless, I did buy a few things and we did have lunch while there. I picked up an awesome grater, a cute potato peeler (the red one), a mesh strainer, a funky whisk, a semi-exotic tealight lantern, a couple of scented candles (clean linen & caramel), and a jar of Lingonberry jam.

We, my wonderful friend Kim and I, are already talking about another trip. I would love to spend the day just wandering through the store, instead of rushing there after work.

As for the beds, they are currently in the living room, still in their boxes. The girls' bedroom will have to be cleared and painted first, and that may take us a year or so little time.

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kelly.dee said...

I can never get enough Ikea.